The five spiritual strengths

To enhance and accelerate your progress on your spiritual path, you should train and develop these five strengths and implement them into your daily life. The strengths are taken from the seven-point mind training practice, and they will help build true and lasting compassion within you. (more…)

Being a Better Human

Recently, someone asked me how they could become a good Buddhist and this got me thinking. I believe our goal shouldn’t be how to become the best Buddhist, but the best whomever we already are. We were born humans and at our very core we are all the same, so it seems more encompassing, and less discriminatory, to be the best possible human we can. (more…)

Looking Back, So You Can Move Forward

Many years ago when I first moved to India, I went to see a Buddhist teacher to get a personal instruction. We chatted for around thirty minutes, and then he told me at the end of each day to sit quietly and review all my actions, thoughts, feelings and emotions for that day. (more…)

Inner Questioning

It’s not the answers you get from others, but the questions you ask yourself that will help you reduce your suffering. Give this statement some thought. Is it true? I believe so. (more…)

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