Open Awareness Open Mind– Finding lasting peace with the practice of meditation, by Karma Yeshe Rabgye

Happiness should not be our goal in life. I believe we should be aiming for peace of mind. A mind that is open, calm, focused and able to deal with whatever life throws at us.

Ripples in the Stream – A Pragmatic Journey Through Gautama Buddha’s Teachings, by Karma Yeshe Rabgye

Ripples in the Stream shares a collection of Buddhism-inspired blog posts Lama Yeshe compiled over a three-year period. The collection is written in a manner that is pragmatic, contemporary and easy to relate to.

Life’s Meandering Path – A Secular Approach to Gautama Buddha’s Guide to Living, by Karma Yeshe Rabgye

Based on thirty-eight Buddhist principles, this enlightening guide teaches readers how to live happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives.

The Best Way to Catch a Snake – A Practical Guide to the Buddha’s Teachings, by Karma Yeshe Rabgye

The Best Way to Catch a Snake, a three-part volume, is a beginner’s guide to Buddhism, for all those who want to start their journey towards nirvana, but don’t know how and where.

Illusions on the Path, by Stan B. Martin

Buddhist Thought for Modern Times

Uncovering how some traditional Buddhist practices and ideas have evolved in ways that are clearly at odds with modern western values and at times even with the original word of the Buddha.

Illusions on the Path
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