Ripples in the Stream

Ripples in the Stream – A Pragmatic Journey Through Gautama Buddha’s Teachings, by Karma Yeshe Rabgye

Ripples in the Stream shares a collection of Buddhism-inspired blog posts Lama Yeshe compiled over a three-year period. The collection is written in a manner that is pragmatic, contemporary and easy to relate to.

In 2012 I published my first book, and shortly after, I started writing a blog. I wanted to try and move Gautama Buddha’s teachings away from dogma, mysticism and the ritual practices that have been added to them over the years. I truly believe his teachings are more to do with how to live our life, and not a religion that should be blindly followed.

I wanted to explore his teachings in a pragmatic and contemporary way. They have completely changed my life and I wished to share my thoughts, experiences and conclusions with others who are, like me, searching for a better way to live their life.

In this book, I have compiled many, but not all, of my blog posts over a three year period. Some have been updated and slightly revised. I hope you find them informative, thought provoking and applicable to your life. This is not a scholarly book and all I am trying to do is drop a pebble into the pool of Buddhism and cause a few ripples within your mind stream. How far you follow those ripples is up to you.

The book covers such diverse subjects as Gautama Buddha’s early teachings, mindfulness, meditation, euthanasia, superstitions, homosexuality, forgiveness, positivity and much more besides.

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