Awareness is about sustaining a moment-by-moment focus of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and the surrounding environment. This is achieved by paying attention to whatever is occurring in the present moment in a compassionate and supportive way. Not trying to add or take anything away, just experiencing whatever is happening, be it good or not so good.

Session One

I am sure we have all experienced our mind suddenly wandering off to the past or leaping forward to the future. Usually at the most inopportune moments. So, how do we go about reining the mind in? Mindful awareness is the answer, it is a great way of helping us bring the mind back under our control. A mind left to wander can be a disruptive and destructive thing. In this session, we will learn the importance of mindful awareness and various daily practices.

Session Two

We spend most of our day like a ping pong ball, bouncing from one thought to the other. If we are not careful, it can put us in the fight or flight mode, or at the very least, it makes us stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed. We need to change our relationship with our thoughts. In this session we will learn that thoughts are just a process of the brain and they have no power until we give them power. We will also learn several techniques to bring awareness to our thought process.

Session Three

We usually try to fight our strong emotions, suppress them or get totally tangled up in them. None of these are going to be helpful. The more we fight against the emotion, the stronger it becomes. Acting this way, we will eventually make the emotion into our enemy. But emotions are not our enemies, they are our teachers. In this session we learn different ways to help us deal with emotions. This will help you find your triggers and find the reason why the emotion arose.

Session Four

Mindfulness of body is a practice that involves being aware of the present moment, while paying close attention to the sensations and movements of the body. It is a way to bring the body and mind into unison and to gain greater control over our thoughts and emotions. This practice can lead to profound changes in how we view and interact with our environment and ourselves. In this session you will gain a full understanding of how you can bring your awareness to the body.



This course, by Yeshe Rabgye on Insight-Timer,  will give you those skills. Each session you will learn new practices to add to your awareness toolbox, such as helping you deal with strong emotions, body sensations and thoughts. Being fully aware will help you reduce worry, stress, and anxiety. It will also help you be less reactive and more responsive and strengthen your emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Introduction to Triangle of Mindful Awareness

by Yeshe Rabgye

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