Welcome to my Audio Blog. This has been specially set up for people who are visually impaired, those who cannot read or English is not their first language. If you know of someone who may be interested in listening to the blog, please share this page. If you have any comments on the page or on any individual postings, feel free to contact me – I would love to hear from you. Now, sit back and enjoy the spoken Dharma.

There are many great podcasts on Buddhism as a religion and even more on Buddhism as a philosophy. This podcast is about Buddhism as a way of life, which means there is no Buddhist jargon or dogma. It is not based in the metaphysical world, but has its feet planted firmly on this planet. It is easy to understand and practical. I use the Buddha’s early teachings as the foundation for the podcast, and explain them in a way that is relevant to your life today. The Podcast is aimed at people who cannot read, who are visually impaired or English is not their first language.

Episode One Hundred and Twenty Three – Mangala Sutra – Part Six

Episode One Hundred and Twenty Two – Mangala Sutra – Part Five

Episode One Hundred and Twenty One – Mangala Sutra – Part Four

Episode One Hundred and Twenty – Mangala Sutra – Part Three

Episode One Hundred and Nineteen – Mangala Sutra – Part Two

Episode One Hundred and Eighteen – Mangala Sutra – Part One

Episode One Hundred and Seventeen – The Twelve Links of Dependent Arising

Episode One Hundred and Sixteen – Are We Born with Compassion?

Episode One Hundred and Fifteen – Building Your Emotional Strength

Episode One Hundred and Fourteen – Eliminate What is Holding You Back

Episode One Hundred and Thirteen – The Power of the Breath

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