I believe we are all looking for inner peace. The problem is we try to find it in the outside world.

For me, obtaining peace of mind is a three pronged approach, namely meditation, mindful awareness and reflection.

Start your day with a simple breathing awareness practice. Sit somewhere quiet for 10 to 15 minutes and focus your awareness on the breath flowing in and out of your nose. This will ensure you start the day with a calm and peaceful mind.

In order to stay calm and peaceful, keep bringing yourself back to the present moment. This can be achieved by checking in with your thoughts, feelings, emotions and body sensations.

In the evening, sit quietly and reflect on your day. Focus on what worked, this will helped reinforce those actions, and then focus on what didn’t go so well. Ask yourself, ‘ Why didn’t it work out?’ ‘What can I do to improve the outcome next time?’

This is, for me, the most practical route to obtaining a peaceful mind.

~ Yeshe Rabgye

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