Open Awareness Open Mind

Finding lasting peace with the practice of meditation

What are you looking for in life? I don’t mean on a superficial level but deep down. I expect most people would say happiness, but I believe this is not what we should be setting our sights on. Happiness is extremely short-lived. One minute we are happy and the next we are wondering why the world is treating us so badly.

So, what should we be looking for? I believe we should be aiming for peace of mind. A mind that is fair, open, calm, focused and able to deal with whatever life throws at it.

In Open Awareness, Open Mind Karma Yeshe Rabgye skilfully guides you through various meditation and mindfulness practices that help you to gradually take back control of your life, leaving you with a mind that is at peace.


“This book offers a clear and practical path to lead us in more peaceful and meaningful directions in our lives.’
Stan B. Martin
Author of ‘Illusions on the Path’

“With his elegant writing, Yeshe Rabgye invites the reader to begin to understand their mind and themselves with down-to-earth guidance. The human experience is complicated, and Yeshe brings helpful ideas home by making them accessible with real-world examples, practices, and reflections. Experienced meditators will find new ways to explore and question old ideas, refreshing their practice and opening new layers of understanding.”

Ted Meissner
Founder of Secular Buddhist Association

“As he consistently does so well, Karma Yeshe Rabgye offers powerful ancient teachings in a way that is intensely pragmatic and insightful. Open Awareness Open Mind is full of stories, practices, and explanations that will surely leave an impact on the reader.”

Matthew Sockolov
One Mind Dharma and Author of A Mindfulness for Beginners Journal

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