How to reduce your suffering

In Buddhism, there is a practice called Mind Training and within this practice there is a section on reducing one’s suffering. Now, suffering here means a dissatisfaction with life, an unease, a discontentment and a feeling that life could be better. (more…)

Hindrances on the spiritual path

When we do our meditation practice, mindfulness or a reflection/daily review, it will not always be plain sailing. There are five things that Gautama Buddha taught that will interfere with, obstruct and impede our progress. These are called the five hindrances and they are five negative mental states. (more…)

Four Thoughts To Contemplate

How can we make our life more meaningful and live it responsibly? One way is to start each day by contemplating the following points:

  • 1 – my life is special and so I should cherish it and use it to help others. If I cannot help, I should at least not harm anyone.
  • 2 – all my happiness and sadness are impermanent, so I won’t hold on to them as though they were everlasting.
  • 3 – my actions have consequences, not in another life, but here in this life. So, I should act skilfully by being mindful of my actions of body, speech and mind.
  • 4 – my attachment to this life brings me discontentment. So, I should try to let go and see life as an every-changing thing.

I believe by spending 10 minutes a day on contemplating each of these points, you will start to live a more enjoyable and responsible life. The best time to contemplate these points is in the morning before you start your day. This will ensure your day gets off to a good start and your mind is in a positive place.

These points are not religious or dogmatic in anyway, so you don’t have to be a Buddhist, or even religious, to make these contemplation’s a part of your daily routine. try them!

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