Experience the extraordinary chance to embark on a transformative journey with Ven. Lama Yeshe Rabgye at a stunning Buddhist Monastery nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Himachal Pradesh. Immerse yourself in 7 days of profound secular teachings on leading a more purposeful life while surrounded by the serene ambiance of the monastery. Wander the hallowed grounds of Rewalsar Lake, engage in meditation within Padmasambhava’s revered cave, and visit his awe-inspiring 80-foot statue. Don't let this remarkable opportunity to experience monastic life pass you by!

Course Outline


Week One: Thoughts – You Can’t Believe Them

  • What are thoughts and where do they come from?
  • Your subconscious brain (negativity and availability biases) and Fact or Opinion worksheet
  • How to work with thoughts (worksheets)
    1. Four questions and a turnaround
    2. 4R’s of thought reframing
    3. ABCD Journaling

    Week Two: Emotions – Our Storytellers

    • What are emotions?
    • What triggers you?
    • Helpful or Harmful – ways to deal with emotions
    • How to work with emotions (worksheets)
      1. Getting to know our triggers
      2. What Could Happen vs What Will Happen
      3. Emotion exploration scale
      4. Emotional regulation

      Week Three: Acceptance – It Is What It Is

      • What is acceptance and why should we do it?
      • How to be accepting?
      • What things should we not accept?
      • How to work with acceptance (worksheets)
        1. Acceptance
        2. Accepting a Distressing Situation
        3. Catastrophic Thinking
        4. Present Moment Acceptance

        Week Four: Self-Care – I Am My Own Best-Friend

        • What is self-care and why is it important
        • Why do we find it so challenging
        • How can we care for ourselves better
        • How to care for ourselves (worksheets)
          1. Core Beliefs
          2. Self-Care Assessment
          3. Self-Confidence Journal
          4. Life Story

           Week Five: Review – Looking Back to Move Forward

          • Thoughts Review
          • Emotions Review
          • Acceptance Review
          • Self-Care Review


          THE TEACHER

          He is a Buddhist Monk from England. He teaches Mindfulness, Buddhist philosophy, meditation, and Sound Therapy in many countries around the world. He’s a Monk in the Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, and took his ordination vows from H.E. Tai Situ Rinpoche in Sherabling Monastery, Northern India and studied with H.H. Dalai Lama and many other Buddhist masters. His podcasts have been listened to over three million times, blogs have been read over a million times and guided meditations have been practiced over two million times. He is the author of four books and has travelled extensively across Canada, India, Bhutan, Nepal and UK teaching Meditation, Buddhist Philosophy, and mindfulness in schools to administrators, teachers, students, and parents. He has recently joined Chandigarh University as a professor of practice. His wish is to sincerely help as many people as possible through his teachings, meditations, mindfulness practices, and emotional counselling sessions.


          Rewalsar is an important religious place for Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists alike. The natural lake at Rewalsar is famous for its floating reed islands and fish. Hindu, Buddhist, and Sikh shrines exist along the periphery of Lake. Legend has it that the great teacher and scholar Padmasambhava used his enormous powers to take flight to Tibet from Rewalsar. It is believed that tiny islands of floating reed in Rewalser Lake have the spirit of Padamasabhava embodied in it. An imposing statue of Padamsambhava is also built in Rewalsar. At this place Sage Lomas is believed to have performed his penance to appease Lord Shiva. The Gurudwara Shri Rewalsar Sahib is associated with the tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh ji who called upon Pahari Rajas to be united in his fight against Mughals. People of all religion come to Rewalsar for a Holy bath on Baisakhi. There are three Buddhist monasteries at Rewalsar. It has a Gurudwara that was built in 1930 by Raja Joginder Sen of Mandi. There are Hindu temples which are dedicated to Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva and sage Lomas alongside the lake. The place is surrounded by pine trees and presents a panoramic view of Balh & Sarkaghat Valleys.


          Excellent practice-based course which teaches to integrate body and mind, to better cope with emotions, learn to forgive and be compassionate even towards yourself. Lama Yeshe and Kamal are great teachers.

          Manuela Zamfir 

          The A.W.A.R.E course is a truly fantastic course and presented excellently. It’s a course that I would highly recommend to others and have spoken about it to others already. I personally think it should be presented as part of the secondary level education program here in Ireland.

          Tom Harpur

          Life seems to be so simple and clear after doing this course. We come across so many difficulties every day and get entangled with them unnecessarily. We have the power to deal with them in a better way, that I have learnt after attending enriched sessions with Lama sir and Kamal mam. Being present is a bliss to be aware of. The facilitators of this course are so humble and knowledgeable who allowed others to learn from each other as well.

          Divya Parashar

          I am extremely grateful for getting the opportunity to take this course and work on myself by learning many new techniques and theories. Thank you for taking your time to include everyone and for sharing so much of your knowledge with me/us.

          Indy Hartemink

          Journey to evolve and understand the phenomena of life, and to be a better and a happier person. These courses help to get back and practice in daily life.

          Sangeeta jain

          Learning to build up my emotional awareness is like going to the gym to build up my muscles, it’s not done in one visit! Be gentle with myself, forgive myself first. With the breathing exercises I am better with letting go of my anxiety and sleep better. This course was excellent in the content and zoom teaching, very grateful for having being part of it. Namaste to Kamal and Lama Yeshe Rabgye.

          Paule Mondor

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          This course is five weeks long and every week there will be 2-hour live master class sessions with Yeshe Rabgye. You will have a worksheets to fill out during the week. You will be offered full support via Zoom, email and WhatsApp.

          The cost of the course is INR 6000 inside India or $90 USD outside India.

          Course Commencement:

          Date: 29th October 2022 to 26th November 2022

          Time: 7.30 P.M IST (click here to find your local time)

          Practice sessions are on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 7.30 p.m. IST

          Each practice session will be 30 minutes. 

          All sessions will be recorded and sent to you.

          At the end of the course, all participants will be awarded a certificate of participation. 

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