Before we can cultivate compassion, goodwill towards others or rejoice in other’s happiness, we have to first build equanimity towards all beings. 545411_401058886634394_1699122553_nThis means we have to see everyone as equal and the same as us. We tend to divide the world into the people we like, the people we dislike and the people we have no feelings about one way or another. This causes us to discriminate, and only care about the people we are fond of. If we do this we cannot have real compassion for everyone. We may be able to muster some sympathy, but this is not compassion. So we have to see that, just like you, everyone wants to be happy and not suffer. No one works towards unhappiness, that is not our nature. So if we are all the same, why discriminate? Next time a feeling of ill-will or a sense of not caring arises, just think, ‘This person is like me. They only want to be happy and not suffer.’That way you will be working towards equanimity. Compassion, goodwill and joy will start to follow.

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