Buddhism is not about suppressing our thoughts, feelings and emotions. It isn’t about stopping them from appearing either. If we could do that we would all end up as cabbages.

thing.26713366.lBuddhism, through meditation and a set of ethics, helps us get in touch with our thoughts, feelings and emotions, and teaches us how to deal with them in a more positive way.

I believe we have to have both wings of Buddhism, meditation and ethics, for Gautama Buddha’s teachings to take flight.

These days it is popular to do mindfulness meditation without any ethics being incorporated. I do not believe mindfulness was taught as a stand alone practice. I think to be able to gain fully from Buddhism, one should practice both mindfulness and ethics together.

Of course I could be wrong and time will tell, but what is clear is that we shouldn’t try and stop the rain, we should learn to dance in it.

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