Hindrances on the spiritual path

When we do our meditation practice, mindfulness or a reflection/daily review, it will not always be plain sailing. There are five things that Gautama Buddha taught that will interfere with, obstruct and impede our progress. These are called the five hindrances and they are five negative mental states. (more…)

Two Poisonous Emotions

Two of the most poisonous emotions are aversion and anger. Aversion is the opposite to attachment and anger leads to hatred, discrimination, aggression and a lack of compassion. Neither are helpful emotions. (more…)

Are you a donkey pretending to be a cow?

What is the most favourable time to receive teachings? I believe it is when we are able to fully connect with the teaching. I don’t know about you, but I have sat through teachings and not really taken very much of them on board. I am physically there, but mentally I am off in my own world. (more…)

Achieving peace and happiness

I do not want to mislead you here, so I will say at the outset that I do not think permanent peace and happiness are achievable. Of course, we can gain peace of mind, but as we know from experience, it isn’t going to last forever – nothing is permanent and this includes peace. (more…)

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