Five misunderstandings about meditation

Even though you know how amazing meditation is supposed to make you feel, when you
think about starting a practice it seems too difficult or too time consuming. You feel you will do it when you have more time or when the kids are grown or when you retire. We think like this because we misunderstand what meditation really is. (more…)

The five spiritual strengths

To enhance and accelerate your progress on your spiritual path, you should train and develop these five strengths and implement them into your daily life. The strengths are taken from the seven-point mind training practice, and they will help build true and lasting compassion within you. (more…)

Mindful Communication

Now, I am not one of those people who think things were better in the past. Of course, some things were and other things weren’t. However, where social media is concerned, I feel troubled about the way it is making us communicate these days. (more…)

Working with intense emotions

About twenty years ago Michele McDonald coined the acronym R.A.I.N, which is an easy to remember, four step mindfulness practice, which helps you deal with intense, destructive emotions. R.A.I.N stands for Recognize, Allow, Investigate and Non-identification. (more…)